The opening for ‘Whisper’ was held at Orange Art Gallery on Thursday, April 4th, 2013.

It was great to see so many people come out to the show! I’m grateful to all those of you who came, and especially to those who brought friends! I had a great time chatting with you and with so many new people!

A big thanks to Ruby TFO for doing an interview with me (in french) during the show, which you can check out here:  http://rubytfo.tv/billet/837/Julie-Berthelot/

Also a big thanks to Yoan St-Onge and to Paul Berthelot for taking such great pics!

The paintings in the show are on display at Orange Art Gallery now, and will be until April 21st. (You can also see my work there year round and purchase artwork from them online).

Ever grateful for all your support and looking forward to the next show!


Artist Statement

For the paintings in ‘Whisper’, I’ve used bright color and the free use of paint on a simple background to feature one element, inspired by the natural landscape.

I’ve used texture as a way of creating subtle detail in the background or to emphasize an element as it catches the light and creates depth. Paint is built up in layers, revealing the texture beneath and introducing vibrant hues and quiet subtlety. This subtlety serves to emphasize the movement and fine lines that are introduced when paint is dropped on the canvas (my favorite part!)

While using the natural landscape as a point of inspiration, these new paintings also delve into the undefined. Alternately quiet and playful, they evoke our natural world while casting it in a new light.


3 responses to “Whisper”

  1. Carole Berthelot says :

    Congratulations on a great show! Rick and Carole

  2. . says :

    Felicitations Julie! Tres beau travail, tu dois etre tellement fiere!!! xo Angele

  3. Susan Bastian says :

    I love your beautiful art! Congratulations on a wonderful and successful show! Susan Bastian

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