Commissioning a Painting

Colleen's TreesThis is artwork that will be made in the style of the Urban Forest paintings.

The best place to start for commissioned abstract artwork is with a photograph you’d like to be used as reference, if you have one. If not, a colour palate is another great way to start. Are there specific colours you’d like included in the art? Also, think about the space where you’d like to see the artwork. What size and dimensions would work well there?

Once we’ve discussed the project, I will send you one or more sketches of ideas for the work. Based on this you may want to suggest changes, or give me the ‘ok’ to begin the painting. (This usually takes around 2 or 3 weeks after receiving your approval).

(Please note: Because of the element of randomness of this style, there is no way to predict exactly what the finished work will look like, and once the artwork is finished, there is very little that can be done to change it. In commissioning these abstract pieces, you will assume the risk that the resulting artwork may not look exactly as expected).


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