Commissioning a Portrait


The first step in getting a portrait done is to decide who the subject will be and to find a good quality photograph to be used as reference. Portraits can be based on an older and/or damaged photograph, or using more than one photograph as a reference, but the best quality artwork comes from a very clear, good quality image, with as few changes to the original image as possible.

Next you’ll have to decide on the appropriate size and the medium of the artwork. (The prices for these options are listed below). A painting is a great way to bring colour and life into your artwork and usually will need 2 or 3 weeks to complete, while a drawing offers a very classic look and a cost-effective solution, which also only needs about 1 or 2 weeks to complete. The option to use pastel can be a happy medium (no pun intended).

Once you’ve submitted the artwork, a layout of what the finished artwork will look like will be sent to you for your approval via e-mail. Once I’ve received your ‘ok’, work on the portrait will begin. You will also receive a picture of the finished work before it is delivered to ensure no changes are needed before delivery.

Finally, your artwork is delivered or sent to you with an invoice, (to be paid upon receipt), and the process is finished.

(Please note: I do not provide framing services, so please allow time for framing between artwork delivery and presentation to the intended recipient!)

If you have any questions or need some help with your final decision, please feel free to contact me any time by writing to or calling 613-799-5672.

 * Please note: Portraits are usually done without a background. To include a background, please add the price of one person to your total. (ie: the price of 2 people including a background would be the equivalent to the price of 3 people without a background).

Price Chart - Commissions2013

* If you don’t see a price for the project you had in mind here, please email me your info at and I’ll get back to you soon with a quote or any answers you might need.


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