The Urban Forest Series:

Riotous Grass

I come from a small town in Northern Ontario, where lakes, rivers and the forest surround us, and this, along with some of the beautiful parks and landscape we have around Ottawa, is where I get the majority of my ideas and inspiration for the Urban Forest series.

The paintings are mostly large (generally around 3’ by 5’), allowing them to have a great deal of impact in a space. They are acrylic paintings, created with a lot of texture and several layers of paint.  The final touch is paint that has been dropped, thrown  and dripped onto the canvas, creating a sense of movement and a unique look.

Being surrounded by the woods, close to water and watching the light reflected and streaming through the forest trees creates an enormous sense of peace for me, and I don’t believe I’m alone in this. With this series, I’ve tried to recreate this experience as well as provide the viewer with a striking piece of artwork that will bring life, movement and a modern style into a space.

Urban Forest pieces for sale now!

Click here for information on commissioning an Urban Forest painting.


The BeachPortraiture is something I love and have been doing for about 20 years. It’s a very satisfying experience to take a beautiful photograph and transform it into a work of art, especially if it has special meaning for someone who will appreciate it.

Click here for more information on commissioning a portrait.



One response to “Art”

  1. Brett says :

    Your Urban Forest series is a nice update on some of the traditional Canadian landscape painters.

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