The Birthday Card

Card - cover

This week, I took a little break from painting to make a card and a cake for my boyfriend’s birthday.

It’s become a tradition with us for me to make him a card (which is really more of a book since it usually has 5 or 6 pages) for every holiday and it’s always a lot of fun! My goal is to make him laugh and this new card served its purpose well!

Usually, the card will contain scenes from our lives and inside jokes, but for this one, I decided to refer to movies and tv shows that we watch together and use us (him, me and my daughter) to play the roles.

The first one is a spoof on the movie ‘Gravity’ which my boyfriend decided to see a second time on his birthday because he liked it so much!

Card - Gravity

The second is a scene based on the ‘Walking Dead’ series. (Spoiler alert!! For those of you that haven’t started the series!) If you’re familiar with the characters, you’ll note that I’m playing Lori, Yoan is playing Rick and I’ve got my daughter in the role of Carl. Also, I’ve got my unborn son playing the part of Lori’s unborn child. Lol!

(The comment I’m making in this one refers to my observation while we were watching the series that, for a post-apocalyptic, zombie ridden time, the characters sure are good at finding clothes that suit their personalities and fit them perfectly!)

Card - Walking Dead

And the last image is of TRON, which is pretty self-explanatory.

Card - TRON

And here’s a bonus image of the ‘Gravity’ themed birthday cake I made (from scratch)! I’m eating the cake as I write this and it’s amazing!



Back to painting next week!



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