My Secret for Instant Inspiration!

2013-09-13-picWhen I’m working in my studio, there are a few different things I like to listen to. Lately, I’ve gotten into listening to podcasts of interviews with successful entrepreneurs through with John Lee Dumas while I’m getting set up and doing simple painting, like background stuff. (Check this website out if you’re an entrepreneur or if you’ve ever thought of becoming one. It’s great!) Sometimes I need something upbeat to keep me going, so I listen to a mixed CD my brother or sister made for me. (They’re the best for finding me music I wouldn’t normally seek out on my own, but that I love!) And, while painting for my last show, I listened to nothing but Fiona Apple to get in the right head space. (She’s the greatest for that! . . . It actually got kind of weird because I felt I was on a roll, and was afraid to listen to anything else for fear of jinxing myself!!)

However, when I need ULTIMATE INSPIRATION, I turn on the ‘Drawing Mix’ on my iPhone, and am instantly in that super inspired mode! I use this especially during the first phase of work, which is sketching new ideas for paintings, (hence, why I named it the ‘Drawing Mix’), and the other time when I really need to be focused, which is when I’m dropping paint on the canvas. (If you’re not really in the zone, paint dropped on canvas can end up being an ugly mess! . . . I experienced that on one of my smaller paintings today . . . luckily, I can wash the bad paint droppings off in the sink with the small canvases, and start again the next day).

This ‘Drawing Mix’ is comprised of 4 albums, which all happen to be movie soundtracks. (Perhaps it helps me to associate a story to the music . . . . a Ridiculously. Romantic. Story!) It’s no surprise that I first came across all this music during my teenage years, when I was at my most impressionable and  . . . emotionally unstable (lol!) I still associate this music with some of the most passionate feelings I’ve ever experienced and as soon as I turn it on, it’s like a switch is flipped and I’m in that zone! (So time efficient!)

The other thing I’ve noticed recently is that all these stories take place close to nature (mostly). There are a lot of scenes in the forest and natural landscape which is, of course, my greatest inspiration for my paintings as well.


So here it is! THE LIST:

1 – Braveheart – music by James Horner

2 – The Piano – music by Michael Nyman

3 – Last of the Mohicans – music by Randy Edelman and Trevor Jones

4 – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – music by Tan Dun


Great music from great movies! (Check them out if you were living under a rock in the 90s. Lol! Or re-watch them even if you weren’t . . . just make sure, if you watch ‘The Last of the Mohicans’ that you watch the original and not the director’s cut . . . disappointing!!)

Anyway, this is the music that continues to inspire me instantly!

Have I missed any that should be added to my ‘Drawing Mix’? (I’m horrible for depending on others to introduce me to new music!!)


Thanks for checking in,




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