Entering the Urban Forest

View of my apartment in 2008.

View of my apartment in 2008.

Six years ago, I moved in to my own apartment (after renting out a small room in a home while in school at Algonquin College). It was a very small apartment, but it had a cool wall dividing the living room from the bedroom and lots of light, which is important!

For the first time, I had an apartment of my own and a little bit of money to decorate it. I was going for a modern take on a seventies feel, (if that makes any sense). I bought nice furniture from EQ3 (which I still love!) and painted the walls of the living room a subtle green (which I did again in the house I live in now . . . . love it!).

When it came time for artwork, I wanted something modern looking. I didn’t have money to even think about buying the kind of artwork I was looking for, but as an artist, even though we don’t always have a ton of money, we always have the ability to fill our walls with art. I had never really made anything modern or abstract (which is what I wanted), but I had a gift certificate from Wallack’s and decided that this was the perfect opportunity to make something different and just have fun with it!

When showing the finished piece to my brother, I told him that it was supposed to be completely abstract, but that I guess it looks a bit like trees, to which he replied “Of COURSE it’s trees!!!” So I had to admit that I hadn’t quite made it to 100% abstraction, but I was very happy with what I had and hung it proudly in my apartment.

Six years later, I’ve made over 100 paintings in the Urban Forest series, which began with that first attempt.

My aim now, however, is to provide paintings for all the empty wall space I know is out there!  Seeing it makes me crazy because I know what a difference it makes to have artwork on the wall! (with the exception of old, ugly painting reproductions that are put up to fill empty space . . . that’s just depressing).



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